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Dr. Taylor just returned from the White House conference on Resiliant Buildings and Climate Change, where she spoke about the need for expanding federal and state building standards to protect occupants. Curently, written statements about building codes say that we need these standards to protect building materials. The missing concept, surprisingly, is the need for building codes to protect human health in the indoor environment!  


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Striving to become a world leader in shaping the built environment to protect the health of all people, including patients in hospitals, workers in office buildings and students in grade schools or universities.



Our physician-led consulting firm works to improve the safety of public and private sector buildings through conducting research to understand the relationship between buildings and occupant health, and by providing confidential, third-party consulting to optimize the health and productivity of occupants. We achieve these goals using principles of Root Cause Analysis, LEAN strategies and statistical analysis in a continuous and team-based process. Click here for Global Experience and Joint Venture partners.