Cx Infection Control 1-2-3

THCx serves healthcare facilities as well as other building owners with our quality control process Commissioning Infection Control  1-2-3™ to attain "Healthy Architecture" and "Healthy Environments".

Design Liaison

THCx ensures that the needs of the patients, clinicians and facility staff are met in your new building space. Because of Dr. Taylor's experience as a physician and architectural designer, we are able to understand the language and visions of the users as well as the designers. By facilitating and guiding prompt and open communication between the disciplines, we help create a safe, efficient space without superfluous building expenses from change orders.

Infection control in healthcare facilities can be improved in many ways including space layout, surface materials and proper choice and installation of mechanical equipment; critical aspects of buildings that should ideally be addressed early in the design process. THCx has the expertise to implement these infection control elements during design development. By incorporating our knowlege of airflow and air pressure systems, placement of sterile environments, patient room design and materials, mechanical systems and much more, we can aid in the production of a facility that meets standards for exceptional patient care.