Cx Infection Control 1-2-3

THCx serves healthcare facilities as well as other building owners with our quality control process Commissioning Infection Control  1-2-3™ to attain "Healthy Architecture" and "Healthy Environments".

LEAN Strategies

Originally applied to manufacturing, the LEAN strategy was created to optimize the production costs of consumer goods by reducing unnecessary expenditures.  This strategy focuses on creating the highest quality product at the lowest cost possible.  Pertinent aspects of LEAN production include minimizing material usage, storage and waste as well as careful analysis of staff efficiency, organization flows, staff health and turnover rates.

THCx has taken these goals and applied them to healthcare systems.  Through an in-depth evaluation of hospital processes via staff interviews and data analysis, we are able to create a LEAN plan of action.  This LEAN plan focuses on increasing the efficiency and safety of the staff in addition to optimizing budget allocations, thereby significantly increasing hospital productivity and affording the possibility of relocating funds to infection control.